What is the NAM player?

Replicate or download any amplifier you always wanted to own. Powered by NAM – an open neural network based modeler technology.

10k+ free compatible amplifier models

You can find the NAMs on ToneHunt, Facebook groups and in some online shops.

Ready for stage

A rock solid device for tough live usage with a well readable display and dedicated knobs.

Plug & Play

No additional tools, software, or hardware required. Just start with the factory presets or set up your preset and you are good to go.

About NAM player

Introducing the NAM player: Unleash amplifier realism with unmatched performance and creativity!

Step into the world of NAM with the NAM player, where cutting-edge modeling technology meets a passion for music. Crafted with precision and care, this dedicated hardware platform redefines amplifier emulation, offering unparalleled realism and a truly immersive sonic experience.

Built for the Stage, Designed for You: Engineered for the demands of live performance, the NAM player combines rugged durability with sleek portability. Its aluminum chassis ensures reliability wherever your music takes you, while four dedicated footswitches and a high-visibility display guarantee seamless operation, even in the glare of stage lights. And with ultra-low latency of 0.5ms, you can perform with confidence, knowing your sound is always on point. Even when you’re not rocking the stage, surrounded by your family in the comfort of your living room, you can crank up your favorite setup to full volume through headphones, immersing yourself in your music without disturbing a soul.

Intuitive Control, Infinite Creativity: Dive into a universe of sonic exploration with the NAM player’s intuitive interface. Seven potentiometers grant immediate access to critical parameters, while a rotary encoder streamlines navigation through the custom GUI, enhancing workflow and unleashing your creativity with every twist and turn.

Beyond Modeling: The NAM player offers more than just amplifier emulation. From a noise gate to advanced impulse response cabinet simulation and up to 60 seconds of convolution reverb, it’s a playground for musical expression, packed with features designed to shape your signature sound. With 128 presets you can craft your style from vintage blues, spring reverb surf rock to high-gain metal, there’s no limit to where your music can take you. The convolution reverb enables all kinds of ambient room effects, letting you perform in a church or the Sydney Opera House.

Ready to Play, Ready to Inspire: The NAM player comes pre-loaded with high-quality NAM models, speaker IRs, and stunning reverb models, so you can dive straight into your musical journey. Whether you’re a blues purist or a metal aficionado, the NAM player is your ticket to unlocking your full creative potential. So plug in, turn up, and let the NAM player amplify your performance like never before!

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User Interface


Software Interface

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Key Features

All NAMs
Standard, feather, and nano NAM models

Up to 60 seconds realistic convolution (spring) reverb/room effects

Low Latency
0.5 ms latency

128 Presets
Each has: Noise Gate, NAM, EQ, Ambient Effect, IR, and Gain

Easy Control
Individual knobs for most important settings

Access 4 presets directly or all 128 with bank up/down style selection

Sunlight readable high contrast display with rotary encoder navigation

Remote select presets (Program Change) and control all parameter (Control Change)

Audio I/O
Low noise 1MOhm 125dB SNR single-ended 6.3mm input and output, differential XLR output

188 mm x 120 mm x 56 mm
(7.4 in x 4.7 in x 2.2 in)

Low Power
8V – 24V, 3.5W
Compatible with standard 9V 500mA centre negative

High quality Headphone Amplifier with dedicated volume control

File Transfer
Transfer NAM and IR files and update firmware via USB drive